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Latest Puppets Back in Stock Early May

Well it has been a crazy month or two.  We are working remotely and keeping safe as we assume you are.

We are still able to order stock and get puppets in once or twice a  week.  Last Friday we got back in the Chicken, Labradoodle, Raccoon in Can, Raven. Piglet and many more.  Piglet Hand Puppet

I have been told that Folkmanis hopes to begin making pictures of the new puppets due this Summer/Fall.  Of course arrival time is very much up in the air with delays in so many things lately.  But the preliminary list I have shows 10 new hand puppets and 5 new finger puppets.  Of the finger puppets 2 are birds, 2 are water creatures and one lives in the desert.  I wish I could give you more details but I am sworn to secrecy.  :)
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Folkmanis Puppet Stock Levels Impacted by California Stay at Home Order

Folkmanis Puppets Inc is the suppler of puppets that we sell.  The manufacturer is located in California and has been ordered closed until April 7 along with thousands of other businesses. You are probably experiencing these same restrictions in your area.  We are all trying to be safe and help fight the spread of the virus.  We are doing our part to ensure your order is safe and are still here to answer any questions have by email.

We will not be able to add stock until Folkmanis Inc. reopens.  The last order we placed is on hold but should be released as soon as Folkmanis reopens on or around April 7.  We still have a large selection of stock at this time and will keep our inventory current to avoid you being disappointed.  

Remember that we offer a 5% discount coupon to those who review our site or a product that can be used once you have the coupon.  

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Puppet Stock Update  - German Shepherd Puppet and Bobcat Kitten Puppets

Puppet Stock Update - German Shepherd Puppet and Bobcat Kitten Puppets

The latest Folkmanis puppet stock status shows the German Shepherd hand puppet is out of stock at the manufacturer until late April.  We have few in stock at this time.  The Golden Retriever dog puppet return has been delayed until mid March.

The Bobcat Kitten puppet is back in stock.  This is one of the newest Folkmanis Puppets.  The Folkmanis bobcat kitten puppets are 9 inches tall, 10 inches long and 5 inches wide (22.9 x 25.4 x 12.7 cm).  Sweet and soft with brown and tan spotted plush, this wide-eyed critter has movable mouth and legs for multiple ways to play.

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