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Woolly Sheep Puppet by Folkmanis 3166
Folkmanis Woolly Sheep Puppet

Woolly Sheep Puppet by Folkmanis 3166

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Folkmanis Woolly Sheep hand puppet
Part Number: T3166
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Condition: New
GTIN: 638348031662

Folkmanis Woolly Sheep Puppets

The Folkmanis Wooly Sheep puppet has a detailed design that includes movable mouth, printed facial features, eyelashes, and a curly coat.  16 inches long, 12 inches tall, 7 inches wide (40 x 30.5 x  17.8 cm).  Released in late November 2020.  

Put you hand into the puppet from underneath the body near the front legs to move the lower jaw with one of  your fingers.  Moves nicely.  Does not stand up by itself.

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