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Raven Bird Finger Puppet by Folkmanis
Folkmanis Mini Raven Puppet

Raven Bird Finger Puppet by Folkmanis

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Folkmanis Raven Bird Finger Puppet
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Folkmanis Raven Finger Puppets

The Folkmanis Raven Finger Puppet is 7 inches (17.8 cm) long from beak to tip of tail, 3 inches tall ( 10.2 cm) and 3 inches wide (7.6 cm). This finger puppet has an all black body. You put your finger in the puppet from underneath the bird. 

This puppet was released in July 2007.  The picture of the raven was taken in house as the latest production run is slight different.  It has shorter legs and a little bit fuzzier body. 

Raven the Trickster is a Native American tale that is great with this puppet or even the large raven puppet.

Contact us if you need more than the inventory available.

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