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Folkmanis Mickey and Minnie Mouse Puppets
Folkmanis has released four of the new puppets for 2017.  Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the Standing Bear, and Capybara rodent puppet are the first puppets in for 2017.

Don't forget to check out our suggestions of children's books to go with the puppets.

Coming in 2017 

Standing Bear - in stock
Capybara - in stock
Dove - due late February
Hen - due mid February
Poodle - due late February
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - due late February
Albert's Squirrel - due late February
Toad - due mid February
Little Badger - due mid February
Dog Stage Puppet - due late February
Disney Donald Duck - due late February
Disney Pluto - due late February

Released in Summer and Fall of 2016
Green Macaw Hand Puppet
Great Blue Heron Puppet
Sea otter Finger Puppet

Corgi - in stock
Brown Cow - in stock
Crafty Fox - in stock
Jumping Frog - in stock
Great Blue Heron - in stock
Jabberwock - in stock
Baby Koala - in stock
Green Macaw - in stock
Classic Monkey - in stock
Nautilus - in stock
Rat in Tin Can - in stock
Little Fox - in stock
Little Giraffe - in stock
Little Owl - in stock

Released in Early 2016


African Lion Cub - in stock
Brown Bear Cub - in stock
French Bulldog -  in stock
Giant Clam - in stock
Yellow Beaked Crow - In stock 
Black Dragon - out of stock until late October
Guinea Pig - In stock
Loon - in stock
Slow Loris - in stock
Monarch Life Cycle - in stock
Sniffing Rabbit - in stock
Raccoon - in stock
Monarch Life Cycle PuppetMountain Lion Cub PuppetOpossum Finger Puppet

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