Newest Puppets

Baby OrangutanThe Purring Cat and Frog Life Cycle just arrived.  Other new releases are the Ringtail Cat, Min Brown Mouse, and Woodland Playset, Reindeer and Germany Shepherd puppets.

We have updated the due dates for new puppets coming in 2018.-  We now have pictures and details for the new puppets due in 2018.

Don't forget to check out our suggestions of children's books to go with the puppets.

Coming in 2018 

Purring Cat - in stock
Small Dog - in stock
Small Eagle - March 23
Frog Life Cycle - in stock
Jackalope - March 23
Mouse in Pumpkin - March 23
Opossum - in stock
Barn Owl - May 20
Flying Pig - May 20
Reindeer - in stock
Ringtail Cat - in stock
Worm in Apple - March 23
Brown Mouse in stock
Woodland Animal Set - black bear, beaver, gray squirrel, red fox finger puppets in a bag - in stock
Daisy Duck - in stock

Fall of 2017

Sitting Polar Bear - in stock
Small Black Bear - in stock
Small Bison  - in stock
Shaggy Dog - in stock
Screaming Goat - in stock
Small Moose - in stock
Narwhal - in stock
Baby Orangutan - in stock
Baby Swan - in stock
Mini Red Octopus - in stock
Disney Goofy - in stock

Released Early 2017 


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Disney Goofy Hand Puppet by Folkmanis
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Sitting Polar Bear Puppet by Folkmanis 3103
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English Bulldog Hand Puppet by Folkmanis
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Shaggy Dog Hand Puppet by Folkmanis 3104
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Screaming Goat Hand Puppet by Folkmanis Puppets
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