Happy New Year

Axolotl Finger PuppetWe have started the new year with a new website template.  Our goal is to reduce page loading time and make the website work more easily on your different devices.  Everything that was here before is still here.  

Let us know what you think and if you have questions about the new template.  

We have hundreds of Folkmanis puppets that come in hand puppet or finger puppet sizes.  There are new puppets for 2020 that have arrived and more to come.  The schedule for new puppets and links to the individual pages are given on our puppet status page.

We have the Bobcat Kitten, Canada Goose, Ringtail Lemur, Little Wolf and the Great Smoky Mountain finger puppet set in stock.  There are also four other new Folkmanis finger puppets released:  Sitting Frog, Gold Fish, Roly Poly, and Snake.  

Vintage Minnie Mouse PuppetFolkmanis has expanded its line of licensed Disney puppets to include Mickey and Minnie Mouse and all the gang, Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, Jack Skellington, Remy and more.

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