Fifteen new Folkmanis Puppets have been announced for release in the Summer and Fall of 2020.  They include 10 hand puppets and 5 finger puppets.  The hand puppets include the return of some old favorites as well as some exciting new animals.  You can see the full list and their estimated due dates at our New Folkmanis Puppets page.

We do not yet have pictures of the new puppets but they include new versions of the Cow, Donkey, Groundhog, Hippo and Kangaroo.  We still have the Donkey Stage puppet and the Brown Cow hand puppets.  The last Groundhog puppet was retired about a year ago and the Hippo and Kangaroo have not been available for several years.  So the release of these puppets will be great additions to the world of Folkmanis Puppets.

Gray Bunny Rabbit
Highland Cow
Baby Donkey
Dragon Wristlet
Baby Hippo
Small Kangaroo
Sea Nymph
Wooly Sheep
Mini Chickadee finger puppet
Mini Hermit Crab finger puppet
Mini Blue Jay finger puppet
Mini Rattlesnake finger puppet
Min Rainbow Trout finger puppet

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