Options for Shipping

Canadian Customers can Ship to Border towns - If you live near a border town in the US, then you can send your packages there for the US postage price and get your packages there.

Other Foreign Countries: If you don't live in a country where we ship routinely, then you can use a shipping consolidator or forwarding company such as They will charge you for any shipping to get it from them to you, but you can save money on consolidating orders from several companies in the US.

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Globalshoolnet - Online K-12 Education Resource linking kids from around the world.

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Gifts for Babies

Baby Gift Baskets Send a baby gift basket from our huge collection to the newborn baby boy, girl or even twin babies. Our baby baskets are sure to please your dearest loved ones and clients. Friendly customer service and prompt shipping.

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Sonic Run: Internet Search Engine

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