Well it has been a crazy month or two.  We are working remotely and keeping safe as we assume you are.

We are still able to order stock and get puppets in once or twice a  week.  Last Friday we got back in the Chicken, Labradoodle, Raccoon in Can, RavenPiglet and many more.  Raccoon in Garbage Can Puppet

I have been told that Folkmanis hopes to begin making pictures of the new puppets due this Summer/Fall.  Of course arrival time is very much up in the air with delays in so many things lately.  But the preliminary list I have shows 10 new hand puppets and 5 new finger puppets.  Of the finger puppets 2 are birds, 2 are water creatures and one lives in the desert.  I wish I could give you more details but I am sworn to secrecy.  :)

On May 13 we will have a new shipment arriving with more stock for 30 puppets.  Among those are the Black Cat, Monkey and Flying Squirrel that have been out for awhile. Of course we have a lot of different monkeys, cats and squirrels.

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