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Jabberwock Hand Puppet by Folkmanis 3091
Folkmanis Jabberwock Hand Puppet

Jabberwock Hand Puppet by Folkmanis 3091

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Folkmanis Jabberwock Puppet from Alice in Wonderland
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Folkmanis Jabberwock Hand Puppet

The Folkmanis Jabberwock puppet was released in July 2016.  This hand puppet is 20 long, 20 inches wide and 20 inches tall (50.8  x 50.8 x  50.8 cm).   

This stunning version of a fabled fantasy creature has steel-blue velour skin, silvery scales, claws and fangs that all come to life when you animate it.  You can put your fingers in the forelegs, middle legs and the neck.  There are two more legs in the back that do not have spots for your fingers.  If you put a finger in the neck, then you can move the head.  The mouth can not be animated.  You can move the forelegs to make the wings flap.  Your hand goes into the body from underneath.

The puppet will not stand up by itself, but you can make it rest on its belly.

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