Folkmanis Releases Pictures of New Puppets Due Summer 2020
Blue Jay Finger PuppetFolkmanis has released pictures of new puppets to be released in the Summer and Fall of 2020.  They include ten hand puppets and five finger puppets.  Some of the puppets are due late July including the Dragon Wristlet, Mini Hermit Crab, and Mini Blue Jay finger puppets.

You can find the puppets listed on our what's new page including links to each puppet with the price and any description that we have.  We don't have weights or dimensions yet.

We are expecting to get the Simba and Unicorn puppets in late July that were part of the early 2020 releases.  Also coming in will be several puppets that have been out of stock:  German Shepherd, Porcupine, and Mini Scarlet Macaw.

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