Folkmanis Puppets for Summer 2021
Folkmanis Puppets Inc has a list of new puppets due Summer 2021.  The current list includes six hand puppets and four finger puppets due around May or June.  The hand puppets are the Funny Bird, Small Coyote, Beaked Dragon, Pearl Dragon Wristlet, Leopard Cub and Manatee.  The finger puppets include the Mini Bee, Mini Tabby Cat, Mini Dog and Mini Horse.

We have few preliminary pictures of the the Funny Bird and Manatee hand puppet puppets:

Funny Bird finger puppet

Funny Bird Hand Puppet

Manatee Hand Puppet 
Manatee Hand Puppet

Here are sample pictures of four new finger puppets:  Bee, Tabby Cat, Horse and Dog.

Folkmanis Bee Finger PUppet

Mini Bee Finger Puppet

Folkmanis Tabby Cat Finger Puppet 

Mini Tabby Cat Finger Puppet

Folkmanis Horse Finger PUppet 

Mini Horse Finger Puppet

Folkmanis Dog Finger Puppet 

Mini Dog Finger Puppet

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