Folkmanis Highland Cow Puppet and Three New Finger Puppets Released Aug 2020
Folkmanis Puppets has released four new puppets in late August 2020.  The Highland Cow is a hand puppet with movable mouth and arrives along with three new finger puppets.  The Highland Cow hand puppet is 11 inches tall and 16 inches long.  You put your hand into the mouth from underneath the cow to move the mouth.  This puppet has distinctive horns and ginger color fake fur.

The mini Chickadee finger puppet is 6 inches long with black, blue and white colorations.  It has a soft body and can be animated by putting your finger into the soft body.  

The rattlesnake finger puppet joins the much longer rattlesnake already released by Folkmanis and is coiled in a 5 inch diameter ring.  The is small pocket under the head to put a small finger and you can hold the tail and shake the rattle.  

Rainbow Trout Finger PuppetRainbow trout fish are common in the lakes and streams of the Pacific Northwest and many other parts of the country.  This finger puppet is true to life with gray and pinkish highlights and spots along the body.  It has black eyes and you can put a finger into the head to make the fish wiggle.  Th rainbow trout finger puppet is a great addition to the beautiful goldfish finger puppet.

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