Folkmanis Disney Simba and Unicorn Puppets Released
Folkmanis has just released the Disney Simba and Unicorn hand puppets with workable mouths and the colorful Blue Jay finger puppet. We will be getting in the Folkmanis Wristlet and the mini Hermit Crab finger puppet next week. 

Both the Simba and Unicorn puppets are hand puppets with movable mouths.  You can also wind the tail on the Unicorn puppet to make a music box play.  Each puppet has a body length of about 2 feet (61 cm).  

Wristlet Dragon PuppetThe Wristlet and Hermit Crab finger puppet are smaller puppets.  The wristlet is a dragon puppet that curls around  your arm so you can put a finger in the head while securing the puppet on your arm with a magnet in the tail.  The Hermit Crab is a finger puppet about 6 inches long and you can use three fingers to move the claws. 

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