Folkmanis Abert Squirrel and Whale Now Retired
Folkmanis has retired the Abert Squirrel and Whale hand puppets. The Abert Squirrel was not expected to be discontinued so we have limited stock of this gray squirrel hand puppet. The Blue Whale hand puppet was slated to be discontinued in June.

Folkmanis Abert Squirrel PuppetThe Abert Squirrel puppet is a smaller hand puppet with black feet and eyes.  It is 8 inches tall.  You can put your hand into the bottom of the puppet to move all  four legs and the mouth.

The Blue Whale is a friendly creature with a wide mouth that can be reached by way of a opening in the white belly.  The puppet is 111 inches long and 7 inches tall.  The Narwhal is still in production and we have the Orca finger puppet as alternatives to the blue whale.

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