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Flying Pig Hand Puppet by Folkmanis 3120
Flying Pig Hand Puppet

Flying Pig Hand Puppet by Folkmanis 3120

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Folkmanis Flying Pig hand puppet
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Folkmanis Flying Pig Hand Puppet

The flying pig is 20 inches long, 15 inches tall and 7 inches wide (50.8 x 38.1 x 17.8 cm). The Folkmanis flying pig puppet features a plump, plush body, feathery wings and a charming face with wide-open eyes and long lashes. Find multiple pockets for moving the mouth, ears, wings and all four trotters.

Here is what we find will work to move the various parts.

Mouth and Ears:  You put your hands into the body from underneath to reach all the various parts.  Put a hand into the head to use a finger to move the lower jaw of the mouth, or I find you can put a thumb into one of the ears and another finger into the other ear to move them.  You can also use a third finger to move the mouth along with the ears.

Hind Legs:  Put a hand into the body from underneath to put a finger in the hind legs to move them.

Wings: You need to put one hand into the pig from underneath with your hand upside down so your thumb is in one wing and the other fingers are in the other wing.  That way you can open and close your hand and make the wings move up or back down to their original position.  You can put a second hand into the body to move the mouth and ears plus the wings depending on your arm size.

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