EXplore Folkmanis Disney Puppets
Folkmanis Puppets makes many licensed puppets for the Disney Characters.  These large character puppets include two versions of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  The larger version of Mickey Mouse Puppets are about half again as big as the Vintage Mickey Mouse Designs.  Mickey and Minnie Mouse Puppets

Donald Duck is a great representation of that funny duck puppet we all remember from Disney cartoons.  Daisy Duck has a purple shirt and pick shoes and bow.  Both puppets have movable mouths.  We only have a few Donald Duck puppets right now as the manufacturer is out of them until November. 

Folkmanis Puppets also makes the Disney Pluto and Goofy puppets.  These are big puppets.  Goofy is 37 inches tall?  
Disney Goofy Puppet

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