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Dragon Wristlet Puppet 3163
Folkmanis Dragon Wristlet Puppet

Dragon Wristlet Puppet 3163

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Folkmanis Dragon Wristlet puppet
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Dragon Wristlet by Folkmanis

The Dragon Wristlet puppet was released in August 2020.  The Folkmanis® Dragon Wristlet puppet is black with red accents and unique holographic skin.  This wearable puppet allows you to insert the head onto one finger and secure magnetic tail wrap to wrist for movement.  12 inches long, 3 inches wide and high (30.5 x  7.6 x 7.6 cm).

Here is some guidance on whether you can use the magnet to wrap the tail around your wrist.  The circle made by the tail when both magnets are attached is about 1.625 inches in diameter (4.1 cm).  That means the circumference of the circle or your wrist is about 5.1 inches (13.8 cm).  The material is somewhat stretchy.  Richard can not snap the two magnets around his wrist but Tess can so you will need a small wrist to do that. It is easier to attach the tail around your wrist first, the put a finger in the head.

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