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Dove Hand Puppet 3093 Disc.
Folkmanis Dove Puppet

Dove Hand Puppet 3093 Disc.

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Folkmanis Dove Bird Hand Puppet
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Folkmanis Dove Hand Puppet

The Folkmanis Dove hand puppet is very light blue with yellow feet and beak.  There is a olive leaf/branch in the beak of the bird's mouth.  The head can be moved and the wings are also workable.
You put your hand part way into the body from underneath.  Use a finger to move the neck and head and other fingers to move the two wings.

The dove puppet has an 18 inch wing span and is 13 inches long and 10 inches tall (45.8 x 33 x 25.4 cm).   Released in February 2017.

Retired November 2021.

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