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Chicken Hand Puppet by Folkmanis 2861
Folkmanis Chicken Hand Puppet

Chicken Hand Puppet by Folkmanis 2861

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Folkmanis Chicken Puppet with moveable mouth and Wings
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Folkmanis Chicken Puppet

The Folkmanis Chicken puppet was released in January 2010. 

The orange colored chicken has a red cocks comb, white eyes and movable mouth and wings. You put your hand in the bottom of the body and into the head to easily move the mouth. Each wing has a glove under the wing for your fingers to move the wings. The legs of the chicken dangle when you hold him up but he does not stand on his own. 

12 inches long x 18 inches tall x 6 inches wide, 25 inch wing span (30.5 x 45.7 x 15.2 cm, 63.5 cm wing span).
  • 2010 Parent's Choice Gold
  • 2010 Creative Child awards Preferred Choice Award

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