Books to Go with Puppets

Children's Books to Go with Puppets

Are you looking for that special gift for kids?  Our book and puppet combinations have delighted children for several decades. Find a book and puppet for your little ones that will delight and entertain while helping them learn to read.

Tess has spent over 30 years matching quality children's books, both classic titles and new releases, with Folkmanis puppets.  Our selections will add even more entertainment for the puppeteer and reader.  If you have a reluctant reader, then one of our suggestions of books to go with puppets will help you take that next step in teaching your child to read.
New puppets have this Winder and more are due in the Summer of 2018 beginning with the Wombat and couple of new finger puppets, so watch for new book and puppet combinations.  We also update puppet status on page listing the newest puppets.