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Barn Swallow Bird Puppet by Folkmanis 3140
Barn Swallow Hand Puppet

Barn Swallow Bird Puppet by Folkmanis 3140

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Folkmanis Barn Swallow Hand Puppet
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Barn Swallow Hand Puppet

The Folkmanis Barn Swallow bird puppet was released in March 2019. Exquisite design is accented with steely blue-black feathered plush, cinnamon colored facial features and an iconic forked tail that comes to life magically with your hand movement. (Note: 10" width is wingspan)  This is listed in the hand puppets, but it is more like a finger puppet as you just put a finger in it.

You put your finger in the bird from underneath.  Then raise and lower your hand to make the wings flap up and down.  If you use your index finger in the body of the puppet then you can use your thumb and middle finger to hold the wings up as if in flight.

The material on the wings is really unusual.  It has overlays of material to look like feathers laying down.

8 inches long, 10 inch wing span, 1 inch tall (20.3 x 25.4 x 2.5 cm)

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