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Act II Books and Puppets has a complete selection of Folkmanis puppets including the newest puppets.

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With its Folkmanis puppets and books, Act II has entertained children for almost 30 years. There are board books for your younger children, and soft and hard cover books for your tweens and teens. Packed with adventures, these make great gifts that allow your children to escape to a different world.

Act II Books and Puppets features all of the Folkmanis Puppets currently made including their finger puppets and hand puppets. We offer discounted prices and free shipping in the continental US.   Check out the many discontinued puppets that we also have in stock and know what will be retired in the near future. We have also added Google Translate to help customers from many other countries.

When looking at the product pages you will be able to move right or left to see more images.  Just use your cursor arrow left or right once you select one of the images.  
We have a a new list of puppets being released this Summer.  We will getting the Mini Ray, Mini Cottontail and the Wombat in early June.   Read up updated list of the  newest Folkmanis puppets.
Our prices are affordable and we provide you with free shipping, so put a sting ray on one hand and a dinosaur on the other. See what magical experiences you and your children can create. You will find we match the Folkmanis puppets with children's books in our store and have been been doing this for over 25 years. The children's books range from board books for the little kids to soft or hardcover books for older readers.  
Our visitors are always amazed at our book selections and walk away believing that our shop is truly a magical place to find gifts for kids. We have matched most of our puppets to great books that can bring the puppets to life.  Each puppet has a book suggestion on its own page or you can look at a list of all of our children's book recommendations.

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