Act II Books and Puppets has over 300 Folkmanis puppets for sale online including retired puppets and the newest puppets.  These renown puppets include hand puppets, finger puppets, character puppets and authorized Disney puppets.

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Act II Books and Puppets has all of the Folkmanis Puppets currently in production as well as many discontinued puppets. We offer the currently made puppets including their finger puppets and hand puppets. In the last few years many Disney characters have been added including Vintage Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, and now Groot, Dug and Winnie the Pooh.   The Baby Hippo is the latest hand puppet to join the Small Kangaroo, Sea Nymph and several new finger puppets.  We offer discounted prices and free shipping in the continental US. Check out the many discontinued puppets that we also have in stock and our list of puppets that will be retired in the near future. 

Read our updated list of the newest Folkmanis puppets released in late 2020 and watch for the list of new puppets coming in the Spring of 2021.
Baby Hippo Hand PuppetOur prices are affordable and we provide you with free shipping, so put a Groundhog or the Baby Hippo in your basket and have fun. See what magical experiences you and your children can create.

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